Ticket Booking System

Ticket Booking System

Online Ticket Booking Engine is complete software which provides all types of bookings. API integrated, this software is specially designed and developed for reservations of tickets. This software is easy to handle and people enjoy making bookings through the Online Booking System. Here are some of the benefits of the solution:

Easy reservation charts are available.
Easy printing of ticket option.
Options for view history of reservations.
Report on daily bookings.
Cancellation of ticket facility for the users.
Report on ticket cancellation report.


Online Ticket Booking Software provides booking facility to the tourists but there are other features also in the solution which make the whole configuration of solution enticing and attractive. The solution we create is with customized features as per the requirement of users. Reservation System is full of features; some of its features are elaborated as follows:

The solution has a notification facility; it notifies the users about bookings and all through email or SMS.
Informs users about the cancellation of the journey or promotions and all.
Some banners are also designed for the solution.
Manages all the daily service accounts.
Provides alerts to passengers for blocked and unblocked seats.
Dynamic ticket pricing provides which increase or reduce the ticket pricing for any day.
Discounts can be provided to direct customers.

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